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Park Geun Hye Is Wholly to Blame for Sinking of Ferry: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, May 5, 2014 19:37 KST (KCNA) — April 16 witnessed such a huge disaster that ferry Sewol sank in the waters off Jin Island of south Korea, claiming hundreds of casualties including students and other passengers.

This accident was, in a nutshell, the most terrible tragic man-made disaster caused by the Park Geun Hye regime's unpopular rule, incompetence and irresponsibility.

It was evidenced by the incompetent and irresponsible measures taken by the Park regime to cope with the disaster from the time of the occurrence of the accident to the operations staged for rescuing and searching those missing.

The Park regime has only been busy making much media publicity to the rescue measures. The regime, however, didn't take proper measures to conduct under-water searching operations at the very crucial moment more survivors could be saved.

Only six days after the sinking of the ferry, Park chaired a meeting of secretaries of Chongwadae to cope with the accident. And it didn't conduct operations to get access to the sunken ship to rescue survivors even four days later. Moreover, it failed to get a correct number of the passengers aboard the ship and the one of those rescued. It even got signatures from the divers who volunteered to join in the rescue operations for school children, warning them that the regime would not be responsible for death of any of them.

All these facts go to clearly prove that the disaster of ferry Sewol was an inevitable product of the incompetence and unpopular rule of the present south Korean regime.

What merits serious attention is the fact that no noticeable progress has been made in the operations conducted by the authorities since the occurrence of the accident. On the contrary, the ruling quarters are only vying with each other to shirk the blame for the accident.

It is worth recalling that Park cried out for severely punishing public officials at the meeting of secretaries of Chongwadae but excluded herself and her yesmen of Chongwadae from the list of punishment. At that time Park claimed the cause of the disaster seemed to be "murder-like behavior of the captain of the ferry". Meanwhile, those concerned of the regime asserted that the sinking of the ferry was caused by the abrupt turn of the ferry with cargoes more than treble the allowed weight aboard.

What the Park regime has done as regards the ferry disaster was that it blocked the infuriated bereaved families from going to Chongwadae.

Worse still, at a time when the whole of south Korea turned into a mourner's house due to the ferry's sinking, the Park regime invited its U.S. master to tour south Korea in violation of the human ethics and morality observed by Koreans generation after generation in a bid to boost cooperation and nexus with the U.S. in its campaign for slandering, threatening and blackmailing the DPRK.

When the mothers who lost their dear children, their families and tens of millions of other south Koreans were mourning over the untimely death of those youngsters, Park made such a disgusting sycophantic behavior as hosting a banquet for its U.S. master to please him.

We cannot but question whether she is a human being and a woman before being "president" responsible for the destiny of the south Korean popular masses and whether she has even an iota of soul and spirit of the Korean nation.

Park is, indeed, a maniac of confrontation with compatriots and the worst pro-U.S. lackey surpassing the preceding south Korean rulers and the one of cold-blooded nature rare to be found in the world.

So many innocent south Korean people and school children fell victim to the wrong selection of Park as "president" of south Korea because she is the daughter of the "yusin" dictator, bereft of elementary feeling as a human being and humanity but engrossed in dictatorial and tyrannical rule only.

No one can vouch that the second and third disasters like the one of ferry Sewol would not occur as long as such woman who is utterly ignorant of philosophy or politics, a depraved old lady who has neither human ethics nor conscience and the worst traitor and sycophant as Park is allowed to stay in office.

If Park is allowed to go scot-free, not only the south Korean society but all Koreans will not be able to escape manifold disasters and misfortunes.